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2022-03-11 09:57:50 By : Ms. Liya Wu

Vetiver, the soothing essential oil. The oil of tranquility. Renowned for many of our skin woes. We chose to include it in our ESP shampoo/soap bar because of its virtues on both hair and skin. Vetiver a.k.a. Khus. It is Hindi, meaning glad.

Scrubbing head to toe with one soap bar is a happy clean. In the past, soap bars used to be the head- to-toe solution. People washed their hair and body with a real soap bar (please do not confuse the real thing with today’s detergent bars).  But since the hair has additional needs, many people also conditioned and treated their hair with various oils and herbs. But when liquid soaps were invented about 100 years ago, there seemed to be no turning back. Until now.

What makes our ESP shampoo/bar so phenomenal? It’s the pure ingredients. Oils and herbs included.

How much vetiver plays a role in our best-selling  ESP shampoo and soap bar we cannot know.  Alongside unrefined emu, sandalwood, kukui, amla and castor it is pretty hard to say which ingredient is the main star. They harmonize, that we know, as our ESP ranks a number one seller.

Let’s take a look at this champion Vetiver a.k.a. Khus. Do not confuse Khus with Khus Khus, the edible poppy seed from opium plants. The essential oil vetiver or Khus is nourishing on the skin: reduces inflammation, unclogs skin pores, treats dermatitis, itching, acne, dandruff and more.

Your hair loves vetiver.  You may not feel it going to work, but it will improve the blood circulation in the hair follicle, help collagen formation and prevent hair infections like itching, flaking, fungal issues etc.).  You will observe that your hair is now shiny and alive looking.

You might decide to purchase the pure Vetiver oil at a health food store to use on its own and then add it to a carrier oil. While we do not sell vetiver on its own, we sell carrier oils. I cannot think of better carrier oil than emu, argan  or tamanu with a drop of vetiver added. This would make a great after shampooing hair treatment.

Once you master our nutritious bar you just might get hooked.  A bar may take a few tries until your hair gets used to it…sort of like a detox off the commercial liquid shampoo. But it is worth it.  Especially since vetiver is part of the action.

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