Spice Clove Oil CAS 8000-34-8

Spices Clove oil CAS 8000-34-8Retention time: keep on the paper for long timeThe product description                                      &n

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Spices Clove oil CAS 8000-34-8
Retention time: keep on the paper for long time

The product description                                                                             

Warm spicy, sweet, woody.

Use instructions                                                                                         

Can be used for deployment of daily chemical essence. It is used for the preparation of flower-flavor essence and is also a common raw material in non-flower-flavor flavor. It is often used in cosmetics, soap, toothpaste, tooth powder and mouthwash essence. Can also be used in tobacco and food flavor.

Preservation conditions                                                                             

Store under seal in a cool, ventilated place. Use within 36 months after the production date.

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Spices Clove Oil CAS 8000-34-8

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Spices Clove Oil CAS 8000-34-8

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